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爱滋病的蔓延    the AIDS pandemic

客机震动得很厉害,突然间失去平衡。    The aircraft was

新机场开幕混乱    the airport opening chaos

封闭机场跑道。    The airport was closed to all

当…虐童案遭揭发    The alleged abuse came to light when……

全球华人保钓大联盟    the Alliance of Worldwide Chinese for the Protection of Diaoyu Islands

升中派位    the allocation of Form One places

政府资助额视乎收生人数而定。    The amount of government subsidy depends on the number of students they admit.

检控个案自去年四月不断上升。    The amount of persecution has been increasing since April last year.

抹香鲸甚少出现在香港水域。牠看来是失散了,在西贡大浪湾搁浅。    The animal, rarely seen in Hong Kong waters and one of the world‘s most protected whale species, was apparently separated from its pod and left stranded. It washed up on Sai Kung‘s Tai Long Wan.

五四运动的周年纪念    the anniversary of the May Fourth Movement protest

经济自由指数    the Annual Index of Economic Freedom

畸型的政治制度造成回归后的管治危机。    The anomalies of the political system have contributed to the governance crisis since the handover.

(美国)反托拉斯法/反垄断法    the antitrust laws

网络资源调度及管理系统    The Applications of the Transport Network Resources Provisioning and Management System (简称 PAMS )

委任的区议员    the appointed district council members

军队已展开拯救行动。    The army has

立法会功能组别和分区直选产生的议员各占半数的比例于零八年维持不变。现行的表决程序亦维持不变。    The arrangement of returning half the seats in the Legislative Council by functional constituencies and the other half by geographic constituencies should remain unchanged in 2008. The current voting procedure should also be retained.

弹劾议案    the articles of impeachment

的起因。    The Asian H5N1 strain of the virus was

特许公认会计师公会    The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA)

入场人数    the attendance figures

是次卖地为库房进帐十四亿九千万元。    The auction netted a total of $1.49 billion for the Government.

拍卖过程和投标过程    the auction process and tender process

当局称行动中无人受伤。    The authorities said no one was injured in the operation.

赔偿额中的一亿零七百万美元属补偿性赔偿,四十八亿美元属惩罚性赔偿。    The award includes US$107 million in conpensatory damages and US$4.8 billion in punitive damages.

细菌入侵食物并且繁殖起来。    The bacteria will get

该行同时调高今年度的本地增长预测,由百分之五点五调升至百分之七。    The bank also revised upwards its forecast for gross domestic product growth this year, from 5.5 per cent to 7 per cent.

本地昂贵的基本教育开支,对低收入家庭构成沉重经济负担。    The basic cost of education in Hong Kong was putting a huge financial strain on low-income households.

基本法容许二零零七年后特首及全体立法会议员都由普选产生。    The Basic Law provides for popular election of the Chief Executive and full universal suffrage of the legislation after 2007.

根据基本法规定,立法会议员若因刑事罪行判处监禁一个月以上,就会被褫夺议员资格。    The Basic Law says Legco members do not qualify for office if they have been jailed for one month or more.

警员巡逻制度    the beat-patrol system

恒指跌一百五十九点,收市报一六二八二点七,成交金额一百三十五亿元。    The benchmark finished 159.41 points weaker at 16,282.7 on a turnover of $13.51 billion.

恒生指数升至二零零一年中以来的高位,楼价亦从去年上半年的谷底反弹百分之二十。    The benchmark Hang Seng Index is at its highest level since mid-2001 while property prices have bounced 20 per cent since hitting bottom in the first half of last year.

第二大恒指成分股    the benchmark index‘s second largest constituent

刚刚丧失亲人的人    the bereaved (n);

最中肯的就业前景预告    the best harbinger of future hiring prospects

最佳的英文教学方法    the best means of teaching English

表现最佳的蓝筹股    the best performing blue chips

昨天较市场预期理想的卖地成绩    the better-than-expected results of yesterday‘s land auction

(立法会的)分组投票制    the bicameral voting system

最大型的二手时装店    the biggest second-hand fashion shop








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